Who are we ?

We are the hotel restaurant Le Pradinas
Head office : Le Pradinas Hôtel Restaurant 30140 MIALET (France).

Siret : 378 360 036 00016 – NAF : 551A

Website address : www.lepradinas.fr

Use of personal data collected


When you post a comment on our website, the data entered in the comment form and your IP address are collected to help us detect any undesirable comments.

An anonymized string created from your e-mail address (also known as a hash) can be sent to the Gravatar service to check whether you’re using it. The Gravatar privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. Once your comment has been validated, your profile photo will be publicly visible next to your comment.


If you are a registered user uploading images to the website, we advise you to avoid uploading images containing EXIF data of GPS coordinates. Visitors to your website can download and extract location data from these images.

Contact form

The various contact forms available on our site are available to Internet users to contact our services by e-mail for commercial purposes or for technical information.
These requests for information are used strictly for internal purposes.
Any contact request made by an Internet user via a contact form is :

  • received by e-mail by our services (a single copy on a single mailbox),
  • stored in a database on this website.
    This storage contains, in plain English, all the information entered by the web user.
    This storage is limited to a period of one year, and may be subject to early deletion upon express request to our services.

The data likely to be stored in this context corresponds exclusively to that which is requested from the Internet user when using our forms, some of these fields being optional.


If you leave a comment on our site, you will be asked to save your name, e-mail address and website in cookies. This is for your convenience only, so that you don’t have to enter this information if you post another comment later. These cookies expire after one year.

Here is the list of functions used on our site that may use cookies :

  • Cookie Notifier: our website uses cookies. This component stores the user’s acceptance of this information in a cookie,
  • Statistics : we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google.
    Any information and cookies managed by Google as part of this service are described in the Google Analytics privacy policy.
    Google Analytics statistical information is not stored on our site : we access it via our corporate Google account.
    As users of the Google Analytics service, we only have access to anonymous information about the users of our website :

    • Any Google profiles created by visitors to our website (age range, interests, etc.),
    • The geographical location of visitors to our site,
  • Security / anti-hacking of the site: in order to increase the security of this website, we have a feature that allows us to block attempts at illicit intrusions.
    In this context, we temporarily store anonymous technical data.
  • TripAdvisor : our site uses TripAdvisor plugins (to display ratings and comments). Any information and cookies managed by TripAdvisor as part of these plugins are described in TripAdvisor’s privacy policy.
  • Facebook buttons : our website displays Facebook buttons in the footer. If you use the associated “like” or “share” links, Facebook’s own privacy policy applies.


To enable our visitors to receive our periodic newsletters, we use the “Mail Chimp” service.
Internet users who use this service are added to our contact list via our MailChimp account.
The “Mail Chimp” privacy policy for this repository applies as a result of this voluntary action.
You can unsubscribe at any time, via our website or by clicking on the link at the end of each newsletter we issue.

Embedded content from other sites

Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Content integrated from other sites behaves in the same way as if the visitor were visiting these other sites.

These websites may collect data on your profile, use cookies, embed third-party tracking tools, track your interactions with these embedded contents if you have a logged-in account on their website.

Use and transmission of your personal data

All personal data we collect is used exclusively for internal business purposes.
Under no circumstances are the data we collect exchanged, given or sold to organizations or third parties outside our company.

Data storage periods

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are kept indefinitely. This allows subsequent comments to be automatically recognized and approved instead of being left in the moderation queue.

Data from contact forms that may be used by visitors to our website are stored on the site for a period of one year for requests relating to commercial matters. Data from contact forms that may be used by visitors to our website are stored on the site for a period of one year for requests relating to commercial matters.

Anonymous connection data, collected to guarantee maximum security on our website, is stored for a period of one month.

The rights you have over your data

If you have an account or if you have left comments on the site, you may request to receive a file containing all the personal data we hold about you, including that which you have provided to us.

You may also request the deletion of personal data concerning you (for example, submitted in response to a request for information via a contact form).
This does not include data stored for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Contact informations

To assert your rights concerning your personal data, please send your request in writing (e-mail or post) to the following address

Le Pradinas
To the attention of Laurent PLANTIER
Le Pradinas Hôtel Restaurant
30140 MIALET
Mail : contact@lepradinas.fr

Additional informations

How we protect your data

All user data stored on this website can only be accessed via the website administration dashboard.
This dashboard is protected by strong authentication (strong username and password) and by a number of features designed to keep hacking possibilities to a minimum.
We also update our website (main engine and extensions) on a monthly basis to take advantage of the latest security developments.

If you have created a customer account on our website, your password is not stored in clear text but is encrypted.

Procedures in the event of a data leak

In the event of a data leak :

  • We inform any person or company concerned of this leak and of the nature of the information that may have leaked so that our users can take any necessary action.
  • We are taking immediate technical measures to stop this leak (changing passwords, monitoring connections with the host, analyzing any malicious files deposited on our website, etc.),

Third-party services that send us data

Google Analytics provides us with statistical information about visits to our website. This data is not stored on our website but is accessible via a Google account dedicated to our company.